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Doug Griffith


A native of Levittown, Pennsylvania (just outside Philadelphia). Graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Criminal Justice, and later earned a masters degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Sam Houston State University. Graduated from the Harvard Trade Union Program in February of 2006. Graduated from HPD Academy Class No. 127 in 1985 and was assigned to North Shepherd Patrol Division, and later the Central Patrol Division, where he worked as a Field Training Evaluator. Promoted to Sergeant in December 1991 and was assigned to Northeast Patrol Division and North Patrol Division where he worked as a patrol and Field Training Sergeant. Transferred to the Homicide Division in 2002 and is currently assigned to Squad 11 on day shift. Began Board service in 1993 as Parliamentarian and later Sergeant at Arms, and was elected to Board Position 17 in 1998. Serves on the Legal Committees as well as the Barbecue and Rodeo Committee. Married to Sandra with three children, Megan, Billy and Michael. Enjoys playing sports (especially softball and basketball) and reading.

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