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3 Ways Employers Can Support Employees’ Hearing Loss

Across the country, employers are seeking solutions to help employees with hearing loss. About 20 percent of Americans, or 48 million people, have some degree of hearing impairment. In the past, hearing problems were associated with older workers. Now an increased number of younger employees are experiencing hearing loss.

Given the growing number of employees with hearing issues, many employers are seeking effective solutions.

Emphasize hearing well-being – Focus on hearing well-being as part of employee wellness programs. Hearing loss can impact employees’ work performance and relationships with family and friends. Providing hearing education and care solutions not only helps employees with hearing impairment, it assists others in understanding how to support and work with team members who have hearing loss.

Encourage hearing exams – Provide hearing benefits to help employees enjoy better health.

  • Ameritas offers a SoundCare® benefit to help protect and preserve employees’ hearing. The plan is flexible in design so it can be tailored to employees’ needs. Here’s how it works:
    • Evaluate hearing – Plan members earn a set allowance each benefit year for a comprehensive hearing exam without a copay. Members have several choices:
      • Schedule a hearing test with an independent audiologist.
      • Order an iHearTest kit (only $69) online to check their hearing in the privacy of their own home.
        • The only equipment needed is a personal computer and an Internet connection.
        • Test results will indicate whether hearing aids are needed.
        • The iHearTest is approved by the Federal Drug Administration.
      • Work with EPIC to connect with an audiologist.
    • Purchase hearing aids – The SoundCare plan also provides members with options for hearing aids:
      • Members can purchase iHear hearing aids for just $349.
        • The iHear hearing aids are so small they’re practically invisible.
        • They fit inside the ear and are not painful to wear.
        • The iHear hearing aid would be partially covered by the SoundCare plan.
        • Order a Programming Kit for $129 to adjust settings on your device.
        • You can order iHear even if you don’t have a SoundCare plan
      • If members prefer a different style, they can get a set discount off the cost of any hearing aid up to the plan’s maximum benefit amount.
        • Depending on the plan design, the amount can increase over time.
      • Use extra features – Plan members also receive a materials allowance to cover maintenance costs, batteries, service contracts, fittings, ear molds and repairs.

One in 10 Americans have diminished hearing, but haven’t had the problem checked. Learn how to prevent hearing loss and the value of scheduling a hearing exam.

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